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Land use law is a complex and often challenging domain of law that often requires expert legal advice and representation. The purpose of land use law is to ensure that the land is used responsibly and in accordance with the governing laws and regulations in a given city, state or country. It involves the processes of obtaining zoning permits, special use permits, special districts, and other land use permissions from local and state agencies, and involves components of public land law and property law.

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A land use attorney can help a client navigate the complexities of land use law and represent them effectively during the development process. Our land use attorneys are well-versed in local and state land use regulations and have the legal knowledge and resources to ensure the client’s applications are accurately filed and their requests taken into consideration. They can also help negotiate the terms of a land use agreement, helping their client reach an outcome that is beneficial to all parties.

Special districts, including public improvement districts, tax increment reinvestment zones, and water districts, can also provide an invaluable financial tool in the development of medium and large parcels. Also included is the navigation of annexation laws, extraterritorial jurisdiction matters, and economic development agreements that can set in place development rules and regulations for tracts of land for decades.

In addition to helping with the application process and negotiations, our land use attorneys can help their client understand the legal and financial implications of various land use decisions. They will be able to advise the client of the possible outcomes, provide counsel on the best courses of action, and help protect their rights during the process. Having an experienced land use attorney on your side is an important part of ensuring that your land use decisions are made responsibly and in full compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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