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Estate Planning

A Complex Process Requires Highly Skilled Attorneys

Estate planning is about so much more than your will — it’s about the home you’ve lived in for years, the nest egg you worked so hard to grow, and even your family pets and heirlooms. Your security is our priority: Our probate and estate planning attorneys want to protect everything you’ve earned through your hard work.

When you partner with FBFK for your estate planning, you’ll get key support with:

Drafting and reviewing your wills
Living wills
Powers of attorney
Health care proxies
But that’s just a glimpse at the expert counsel available to you thanks to the attorneys at FBFK.
You probably have lots of questions about your will and estate, and we’re here to answer them all.


What do I need to include in my estate plan?

The short answer is “everything.” But don’t worry: Our expert estate planning attorneys are well-versed in asset valuation, and they’ll help determine the value of every single asset you want examined.

How do I outline to whom I want to bequeath certain assets?

This can be daunting, but in their decades of experience, our estate planning attorneys have crafted countless wills. FBFK will draft an exhaustively detailed will that includes every single asset you wish to bequeath.

How do I minimize federal estate taxes and other stressful complications?

You can gift assets, create a detailed foundational estate plan and employ a variety of advanced estate planning techniques. Our estate planning attorneys will help you with every single one of those steps — and much more.

Can’t wait to get started?
Try using our online planning portal to get started on estate plan drafts.

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