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FBFK Patent Law in Action: Mass Luminosity Granted U.S. Patent for First-Ever Streaming and Non-Streaming Media Transfers Between Devices

New “Beacon” videoconferencing platform to create seamless, instant transfers of live video calls from one device to another

DALLAS (Jan. 21, 2021) – Mass Luminosity, Inc., a Dallas-based research, development and technology experiential company, today announced the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted the company U.S. Patent No. 10,893,087 entitled Streaming and Non-Streaming Media Transfers Between Devices.

The patent will enable the licensing of the world’s first video conferencing service integrating mid-call instantaneous switching across different devices – the result of a nearly two-year patent pursuit by Mass Luminosity and its patent attorneys at the Dallas-based FBFK law firm.

“Consumers are craving the seamless, live streaming transfer technology this patent enables us to deliver,” says Angel Munoz, CEO of Mass Luminosity. “Ultimately, we are driven by our vision of ushering a new era of a simple and feature-rich communication platform for the entire world.”

In light of the secured patent, the company issued a license to Beacon Technologies, Inc., for use on its secure audio and video communication platform, called Beacon.

“Through Beacon – and for the first time – a person participating in a videoconference, will be able to seamlessly transfer it from a desktop computer to a smartphone or tablet PC with the touch of a button,” adds Munoz.

Beacon uses hardware noise cancellation to reduce exterior sounds and security features including two-factor authentication, biometric and hardware logins to ensure a consumer’s privacy and identity are protected.

According to Munoz, the company is actively pursuing a family of patent applications around its groundbreaking technology, including a recently filed continuation application directed to augment features related to instantaneous switching between different devices.

“After years of software development, we feel a sense of accomplishment that the USPTO has recognized the timeliness of our solution,” said Teodor Atroshenko, senior vice president of technology. “We are actively working toward filing additional patent applications directed to a number of unique technologies that will be part of the Beacon experience.”

The intellectual property protection of the Streaming and Non-Streaming Media Transfers Between Devices covers devices, systems, and technologies that power seamless transfers of live media between devices.

For licensing inquiries, contact Kelly Kubasta or Benjamin King at the FBFK law firm at (972) 378-9111.



About Mass Luminosity

From its launch in 2011, Mass Luminosity has evolved into a global research and development technology experiential company integrating people from across the globe. Its mission is the defragmentation and enhancement of the human experience. The company’s current subsidiaries include: GTribe, the leading social media network for technology enthusiasts and video gamers and Beacon. More info can be found at

About Beacon Technologies

Beacon Technologies is the developer of Beacon, a next-generation video conference platform built from the ground up on three core principles: security, quality and simplicity. The company started in 2020 in Dallas, TX, and will be launching its first product, Beacon, in 2021. Beacon Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mass Luminosity. More info can be found at


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