Markus Hauschild

Patent Engineer

Dr. Markus Hauschild assists clients with prosecuting patents in aerospace, electronics, medical device and information technology industries.

Prior to his career in intellectual property, Dr. Hauschild was a neuroscientist at the California Institute of technology, working on research programs in collaboration with the National Institute of Health, the National Science Foundation, DARPA and the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University. He used his background in mechanical, electrical and software engineering to advance neural prosthetics, brain-machine interfaces and robotics & control.

At University of Southern California, Dr. Hauschild designed and implemented real-time computational platforms for the simulation of musculoskeletal and mechanical systems in stereoscopic 3D virtual reality environments. At German Aerospace Center (DLR), Dr. Hauschild designed control algorithms for robotic actuators used in human-machine interaction such as steer- and fly-by-wire.


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Markus Hauschild



Medical Devices

Information Technology



  • Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, University of Southern California (2010)
  • M.S., Medical Device and Diagnostic Engineering, University of Southern California (2006)
  • B.S., Mechatronics, Munich University of Applied Sciences (2002)