Dallas Bar Association’s Living Legends Webcast with Harriet Miers Set for Oct. 7
Interview by FBFK’s Rachael Smiley

FBFK Shareholder Rachael Smiley had the privilege of interviewing Harriet Miers about her storied legal career as part of the Dallas Bar Association’s Living Legends series, which showcases Dallas’ most celebrated lawyers.  The interview covers Miers’ roles as the first women president of the DBA, first woman president of the State Bar of Texas, member of the Dallas City Council, and her time working in the White House for President George W. Bush, as White House Counsel and Staff Secretary.  Don’t miss this historic and informative webcast.

The Dallas Bar Association is proud to present its Living Legends series of interviews showcasing Dallas’ most celebrated lawyers.
2021 will focus exclusively on women lawyers as Living Legends interview subjects.