FBFK Strengthens Presence in Orange County: FBFK’s Bold Move to Serve Middle-Market Business Leaders

In a recent article by The Texas Lawbook, FBFK CEO Kyle Ferguson discussed the firm’s strategic expansion into California. Announced in January, the merger with Orange County litigation firm Stephens Friedland marked a significant step for the Plano-based FBFK, extending its reach into a vibrant entrepreneurial market.

Ferguson explained that this merger, eight months in the making, was driven by mutual goals: Stephens Friedland sought to broaden its service offerings, while FBFK aimed to establish a stronger presence in Orange County to better serve its clients. Since the merger, FBFK has increased its headcount by over 30%, adding 12 new attorneys and bringing the total to 58.

The article highlights Ferguson’s perspective on the growing demand for reasonably priced, full-service law firms among middle-market entrepreneurs. With large firms often charging over $1,000 per hour, FBFK’s rates of $600 to $650 offer a more accessible alternative. This pricing strategy positions FBFK in a niche that larger firms tend to overlook, providing significant opportunities for growth.

Ferguson also discussed the cultural similarities between Texas and Orange County’s business communities, noting a shared entrepreneurial spirit. Despite regulatory challenges, the integration has proceeded smoothly, aided by the hiring of a new HR manager in California to ensure compliance with local laws.

Looking forward, FBFK plans to continue its growth trajectory, aiming for 65 attorneys by the end of this year and 80 by the end of next year. The firm is particularly focused on expanding its transactional and litigation practices in both California and Texas, reflecting the ongoing demand in the middle market.

For a detailed look at FBFK’s expansion and Ferguson’s insights on the middle market’s future, download the full Texas Lawbook article.