FBFK Attorney Helps Young Lawyers Navigate the Nuances of Dallas Appellate Courts

The Dallas Association of Young Lawyers (DAYL) is stepping up to address some of the issues first- and second-year lawyers are currently facing. The COVID shutdown has limited in-person courtroom experience and, as a result, young attorneys have limited knowledge of the judges, their clerks and courtroom etiquette. So, intel regarding how to navigate an appellate courtroom should give younger and less experienced attorneys a boost in self-confidence and enhance their understanding of adversarial proceedings in appellate court.

Therefore, the DAYL is hosting a three-part series called “Getting to Know the Courts,” sponsored by FBFK, and other DFW law firms. On Wednesday, July 7, FBFK Attorney Alex Campbell will moderate a Q&A with a panel of appellate justices who will share best practices for appellate submissions and appearances.

Specifically, Campbell will be asking the justices questions aimed to help young lawyers better understand the intricacies of in-person court settings, such as: What are the judges’ courtroom pet peeves? What do they like or not like during oral arguments? What is helpful for justices in aid of oral arguments?  Do they like visual aids?

“We want judges to explain how they prepare for oral arguments. What is their normal process to prepare for court – that kind of insight is invaluable to young attorneys,” Campbell explained.

The panel also will discuss tips for communication with the court clerks. For example, knowing the court system is currently delayed for several months due to COVID, how much communication with the clerks is too much?

Young lawyers will have an opportunity to ask the judges about the careers that prepared them to serve on the bench – important background for lawyers who may have a career goal of serving on the bench at some point.

Members of the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers can register for the July 7 panel on the DAYL website or register here.

Campbell, a practicing litigator at FBFK, serves on the Judiciary Committee at DAYL and is also an active member of the Texas Young Lawyers Association.