FBFK views diversity, equity and inclusion as more than just the “right thing to do”; rather, we view it as our duty and as critical to our firm’s future. A firm that is diverse in perspectives and people, equitable to all whom they work with and for, and inclusive on all fronts is the firm that will thrive in the years ahead.

While FBFK is not a minority-controlled law firm, we are steadfast in our commitment to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion because it makes us a stronger, better firm.


Putting Words into Action

Through FBFK’s formal firm policies and initiatives across our offices, we are encouraging diversity through commitments to hire, mentor, train, develop, and promote a diverse and talented staff, including our attorneys.

FBFK is dedicated to growing our firm by continuing to diversify and adapt our pool of highly qualified staff, which is reflected in our recent hiring of female, African-American and Hispanic lawyers, adding to our existing minority shareholders and associates.

We are committed to retaining and advancing our diverse minority attorneys within the firm. In practice, FBFK strives to move our minority and female attorneys from associate to shareholder positions and ultimately to “equity” status. Our advancement initiatives include monitoring and highlighting our minority and female attorneys’ achievements and work assignments, as well as providing training and coaching to strengthen necessary business development skills.

FBFK has also established structures for encouraging diversity and holding individuals accountable. In particular, our standing Diversity Committee, chaired by our founder and board member, seeks to encourage a culture of inclusion throughout the firm where our minority and female attorneys can thrive based on their talents and skills. While we have many diverse lawyers and staff on the Diversity Committee, we do not rely on them to push the diversity needle. FBFK’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is genuine and comes from the very top of our firm.

We encourage active participation in groups and associations that highlight diversity, such as the National Association of Women Lawyers and other similar organizations. The firm takes a proactive stance in assisting two specific organizations with focus on diversity issues within the community at large. FBFK supports these two organizations based on a track record of actual impact helping marginalized groups within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and Houston area by providing financial contributions and volunteer assistance.