David Rosenblitt

Patent Agent

Mr. Rosenblitt specializes in software engineering, artificial intelligence, distributed systems, operating systems, compilers, business methods, user interfaces, database systems, and networks.

Before joining Ferguson, Braswell, Fraser, Kubasta, PC, Mr. Rosenblitt spent 2.5 years as a Patent Agent at Osha Liang, LLP. Prior to that, he spent 20 years consulting as Chief Technical Officer at Autotelika, Inc. focusing on systems engineering/modularization (with supporting GUI-accessible databases) to reduce testing, supply chain and production cycle time in the semiconductor equipment, computer, router, and automotive industries. He handled IP matters including patent application drafting and prosecution (software and manufacturing). Additionally, he prosecuted user interface patent applications at Nokia.


5201 Great America Parkway
Suite 320
Santa Clara, California 95054



David Rosenblitt

Software Engineering

Artificial Intelligence

Distributed Systems

Operating Systems


Business Methods

User Interfaces

Database Systems




  • Ph.D. MIT Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence
  • S.M./S.B. MIT Computer Science


  • United States Patent and Trademark Office
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